Google Panda Penguin Recovery Services

Google Panda-Penguin Recovery Services

If you have suffered severe losses of traffic due to the Google Panda or Penguin updates, we offer you the right solution to get your business on track. The professional experts team with us will help in the revamping of your links and remove all the existing low quality links and duplicate content manually. In addition to bringing in a new and superior quality link recovery, we also teach you the right navigation technique that will boost your website rankings.

The common issues that plague your website if it is affected by Google Panda or Penguin updates are as follows:

  • Content that is of low quality and is mostly irrelevant, thin or duplicate in nature.
  • Back links that are definitely of low quality leading to unnatural linking.
  • Lack of a user-friendly interface and navigation method.
  • Presence of unnecessary pages in the Google index.
  • Deficient patterning of SEO.
  • Black hat SEO.

The strategy we implement to deal with the panda and penguin updates are simple. We initiate a comprehensive research of your site including all components like bounce rate, visitors, broken links, back links, orphan pages, URL parameter, on page, and off page factors and navigation that is user friendly.

Drastic drop in website traffic, being hit by Google Penalty, and frequent warnings about unnatural links can be quite annoying and can affect your business markedly. We possess that vast experience and talent to return your website to its original profitable position.

Dealing with Unnatural Link Warning

The Google Web spam team usually issues the penalty manually. Though the recovery process can be done, it requires time, effort, and the fundamental skills. The unnatural links have to be first isolated, removed, and the progress is reported to Google consistently so that the penalty is called off. Even the most skilled webmasters require help in isolating the unnatural links and deciding on which links to eliminate. That's where Bangalore SEO Company comes into play. With the help of our expert term, you can easily get rid of the unnatural links.

We offer two different packages for Google Penalty recovery.

Panda Recovery

Site quality is the important consideration taken by the Google Panda Algorithm. So, if your website is specifically affected by Panda, we will identify the quality issues, thin content issues associated within your website and guide you on the steps needed for complete recovery from Google Panda.

Penguin Recovery

Google Penuin Algorithm deals with mostly the backlink property. Sites that possess a poor quality or spam filled backlink usually get hit by this update. Webmasters generally find it hard to detect whether the backlink they possess is spam filled or of low quality. The recovery process includes deletion of all the bad links or changing them, forming new links that are natural, and expecting a speedy Penguin refresh. The disavow tool in Google is very useful for this purpose but there are other ways to bring about the recovery.

At our SEO Company In Bangalore, we offer exceptional recovery services involving Removal of Google Penalty which is done in two parts.

  • The first part includes the identification of the areas that are problematic and rectifying them.
  • The second part involves waiting for reconsideration from Google by communicating reports and conduction of authentic services that are compliant with Google Panda and Penguin updates.

The team of professionals we possess work on the issues expertly and use their extensive knowledge to remove and repair all the defective areas including Black hat SEO, spam content and low quality links.

The initial phase of Google Penalty Removal involves the following steps:

  • Isolating and deleting all Black hat issues.
  • Removing low quality links.
  • Getting rid of spam.
  • Isolating issues linked to cupcake effect, over optimization etc which are related to Google Penguin algorithm.
  • Eradicating inferior quality content to cater to the stipulations of Google Panda.
  • Finding out the presence of violations on page.

The second part aims at getting back the site to its original splendour and improving it further. Here a comprehensive report on the removal of negative aspects is given regularly to Google for reconsideration. This part also includes inclusion of white hat SEO that is authentic and completely adheres to the guidelines set by Google, which is the only way to stay at the top ranking in the search engine.

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Any relevant information that you want to clarify regarding the Google Panda and Penguin recovery process can be addressed to us. You can also have a peek at the online marketing services we have developed that augur well with the recovery services to give you high returns on your investment. It is more like you come up with an issue and we render you the solution promptly.